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Improve Safety.

Decrease Costs.

Cost-effective liferaft rental solutions


The hassle-free option to keeping your safety equipment compliant, serviced and in line with international regulations.

Taylor Marine is committed to supplying commercial vessels the right gear, at a great price, before they go to sea.

Our Liferaft Rental program is an important part of your one stop shop offer from Taylor’s. Renting a liferaft not only offers little to no down time when servicing is due, there are also cost savings when compared to purchasing outright

Meeting your safety requirements with liferaft rental options.

Keeping safety equipment compliant, serviced and in line with local and international regulations can be time a consuming business. At Taylor's we work with our customers to provide a solution that meets their exact requirements for Vessel safety when working in harsh marine environments.


  • Reduction in operating costs and minimising expenditure

  • No need to worry about obsolete products

  • Due date monitoring

  • Minimum rental period is only 2 years

  • Know your costs with no surprises

Rental options:

  • Coastal rafts 4 person to 12 person

  • Solas rafts 8 person to 25 person

Rental Liferafts are the preferred choice when down time is critical, ensuring a quick swap-out of the liferaft when servicing is due.

Taylor Marine also offer servicing of inflatable Lifejackets (PFDs), and stock a full range of SOLAS Lifejackets, Lifejacket Lights, Lifebuoys and much more safety gear.

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