Furuno FCV-288 Colour LCD Sounder

FURUNO's FCV-288 is the budget colour LCD commercial fish finder that features high-end specifications at an incredibly attractive price point.

· 10.4” high performance colour LCD Fish Finder for Professional fishing

· FURUNO Digital Filter technology delivers crystal clear target presentation

· 1/2/3kW power output power

· Dual Frequency output 50/200kHz

· Very easy to operate with AUTO GAIN & RANGE controls

· Post-processing GAIN control applies to all existing returns on the display

· White Edge / White Line feature for discriminating fish from bottom echoes

FURUNO Digital Filter Technology

The FURUNO digital filter optimizes fish finder GAIN to obtain highly defined images of underwater conditions and targets. The FCV-288 can clearly show target fish close to the seabed and reef structures. The Digital Filter eliminates noise to deliver sharp and detailed echo presentation achieving detection of schooling fish, reef structure and even individual targets.

Dual Frequency:

The 50kHz/200kHz transmissions you the best of both worlds. Compare the two most useful and commonly used frequencies in commercial fishing side by side for optimal target presentation.

Post-processing Gain Control

With the FCV-288’s Quick Gain Control, changes you make to GAIN settings are applied not only to new echoes, but also to past echoes on the screen. You can now compare past and current echoes under the same GAIN settings. Because the changes are applied to both new and existing returns, you can quickly and easily determine the best setting for the conditions.

Transducer Selection:

The 1kW 50/2001T dual frequency transducer is a perfect match for the FCV-288

To find our more about the FCV-288 contact Taylor Marine South Africa: email

Download FCV-288 Brochure

FCV-288 (CA000000182)
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