MaxSea Time Zero Distribution

Taylor Marine South Africa, the exclusive distributors of MaxSea Time Zero Navigator and Timer Zero Professional are pleased to announce that new software unlocks and upgrades to the latest version, v4.1 are now available through our Authorised Sales & Service Agent network in South Africa

TZ Professional software provides a powerful tool for commercial fishing that greatly assists with identifying areas with great fishing potential. Improve your planning each trip by accumulating personal data from all your previous trips. Go straight to the areas that will be the most likely to reward you based on both fixed and variable factors such as bathymetry and weather conditions. Get more insights, using the replay recorded data feature at the end of the day, you can identify areas which need investigating for future sessions. Make your fishing more efficient than ever with TIMEZERO technology.

Oceanography forecasts enable smarter decisions to be made using the altimetry service, geostrophic currents, sea surface temperature and plankton and chlorophyll concentration. Find the area most likely to be holding fish and steam straight there saving time and fuel.

The oceanographic forecasts that are provided free of charge with TZ Professional are particularly useful for pelagic fishing. This is because the surface temperature of the water, geostrophic currents and altimetry all provide indications on where pelagic fish will likely be found and therefore where the best position for fishing gear. Being able to tap into this data will provide the ability to increase productivity. TZ Professional has the aim to provide targeted zones with the best potential of getting a catch

Sea Surface Temp (SST) overlay on chart (Cape Town South Africa)

The optional PBG and Sounder module works to further enhance the identification of productive fishing grounds and the identification of schools of fish as well as their type.

PBG module allows precise 3D bathymetry data to be collected and generated on TZ Professional. Once connected to the GPS and sounder, TZ Professional will save a sounder point each second, making it possible to see the seafloor like never before.

If you're already a MaxSea user and want to upgrade to the latest version or if you're in the market to explore this market leading fishing technology find out how by contacting an Authorised Sales & Service Agent