FURUNO’s FA-70 class-B AIS transponder receives navigation data from AIS-equipped vessels nearby that can be utilized to aid in safe navigation. Also, the FA-70 transmits own ship’s information to the vessels around, which also aids in collision avoidance.

Furuno FA-70 Class B AIS


  • Enhances safe navigation by exchanging critical navigation information from AIS equipped vessels.

  • Greatly improves the level of situational awareness in compromised visibility like fog, congested waterways, darkness.

  • Flexible integration with various AIS compatible radar and chart plotters

  • High power (5W) and fast transmission rate contributing to faster and more reliable updates.

  • Internal VHF splitter eliminates the need for separate antenna

  • Switchable SO-TDMA and CS-TDMA

  • Receives both Class-A and Class-B information

  • Initial setup can be done through NMEA2000 network (TZT2/TZT3)

  • Silent Mode with external ON/OFF switch

FA-70 Interconnection Diagram

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