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An extra measure of safety and versatility for your Furuno NavPilot!

Running to the deep or back home after a long day on the tuna grounds, the Furuno NavPilot is a real blessing. Setting a safe course and steady speed whilst you keep a watchful eye for hazards, the NavPilot takes the hard work out of manual steering, keeping a steady, economical and safe course.

What happens to the autopilot if you suddenly grab the steering wheel and swerve hard to avoid a sunfish, a semi submerged object or even worse a kayak. With so many small craft and difficult to see objects, even the most experienced skipper know this is a danger.

Swerving whilst in AUTO mode will work but the pressure that you're pushing through the hydraulics can cause damage to hydraulic lines, the pump and steering RAM seals. Basically your actions will force the fluid through the hydraulic system to manually override the hydraulics of the autopilot.

SafeHelm2 Bi-directional Hydraulic Helm Flow Switch Sensor

SafeHelm2 is an optional sensor for NavPilot 300/700/711C. When it senses the operator is manually steering the vessel while the autopilot is engaged, SafeHelm2 switches the NavPilot to manual steering for a specified time interval, allowing the helmsman full manual control of the vessel. After the time interval has elapsed, SafeHelm2 resumes the previous automatic steering mode. SafeHelm2 is a valuable feature to have in situations where the helmsman needs to change course immediately without deactivating the autopilot. There is no need to scramble to the NavPilot display to disengage the autopilot or restart automatic navigation once the course is clear. Just grab the wheel, steer the vessel safely around the obstacle, then hold your course until the NavPilot re-engages.

Furuno SaleHelm2 Video

The package includes all of the adapter fittings to add the sensor to any hydraulic helm vessel that has a new or existing "Reversing Pump Autopilot Drive" system.

  • Compact Bi-directional Hydraulic Helm Flow Switch Sensor.

  • Reversing pump independent – works with any existing or new hydraulic reversing pump.

  • No specified physical mounting orientation - SafeHelm2 mounts in any direction on the vessel.

  • Reproduces the tactile sensation of hydraulic drag at the vessel's helm

  • Low initial and installation cost.

  • Included hydraulic components allow direct installation on a variety of vessel sizes and plumbing configurations.

  • Included adapters provide possibility for “gender-matched” installation where no additional fittings or hoses are required or necessary.

  • Unique Passive Safehelm2 bi-directional flow sensing electronics module can be easily tested, removed, and replaced without opening the vessel’s hydraulic system.

  • Works with any existing Furuno NavPilot 300 or NavPilot 700/711C series autopilot with no software or hardware update required.

SafeHelm2 is now available from Taylor Marine South Africa, the official distributors for Furuno Marine Electronics. Contact our Sales Team or Authorised Furuno Dealer for price and availability.

Download PDF • 1.96MB

Download SafeHelm2 Installation Instructions


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