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Our Agencies

Taylor Marine has a long standing relationship with leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality marine navigation and communications equipment.

Our Agencies

We only associate our good name with world leading brands that deliver good quality products and services at affordable prices.

We strive to find the balance between quality and value for money. Our #1 rule is that we do not compromise on quality.

Our range of products is vast and covers all areas of marine electronics. From navigation, communication and fish finding to class approval surveys for all types of vessels.

Furuno FEC logo.jpg

Marine Navigation Communication and Fish Finding Equipment. 

Timezero Logo.jpg
TimeZero PC Navigation Software
WASSP logo.jpg
WASSP Multi-Beam Sonar Technology
Auto Pilots & Steering Systems
Actisense Logo ORANGE - Copy-01.jpg
Interfaces, Buffers & Connectors
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