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FURUNO's meteorological monitoring and analysing system

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

FURUNO has decades of technical expertise in marine Radar development and is the clear leader in this industry. FURUNO, in close collaboration with many universities and other business organizations has now developed Radar solutions for meteorological monitoring and analysis. FURUNO's high resolution, compact X-band Doppler Weather Radar has proven essential for forecasting localized weather disturbances and other specialized applications including fire and volcanic ash detection. With new tools and solutions specifically designed for weather forecasting and observation, FURUNO’s objective is to provide safety to individuals and their property by presenting highly detailed information of potential meteorological events.

Video footage courtesy of CH7 News Brisbane Face Book Page

FURUNO, which maintains the leading market share in marine Radar now presents its two X-band Weather Doppler Radars, the single polarimetric WR110 and the dual polarimetric WR2120.

The WR110 single polarimetric Radar is extremely efficient for normal rain observations. The WR2120 allows for even more sophisticated observations including three-dimensional analysis of heavy precipitation cumulonimbus and localized rainfall prediction.

By creating a “Multi-Radar system” consisting of synchronizing several WR2120 and WR110 Radars, real-time 3D monitoring of meteorological phenomena can be achieved with an affordable and reasonable investment.

For further information on the Furuno WR series of Weather Radar or any of the Furuno products please contact Taylor Marine


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