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IMPORTANT: MaxSea versions 12 and earlier software versions

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

On behalf of MaxSea we would like to inform all customers and dealers that as of June 30, 2022, MaxSea will discontinue support for all their old product line (versions 12 and earlier).

The following implications should be considered:

MaxSea will no longer:

  • Supporting of the licenses of versions 12 and earlier versions will not be possible any more.

  • The MaxSea order department will no longer be able to provide information on v12s or resend codes.

  • No longer make email changes to MaxSea accounts for v12 and earlier licenses (i.e. weather requests).

  • No longer respond to commercial requests for v12 and earlier licenses, except for migration to the TimeZero platform.

MaxSea advise you to upgrade all your v12 licenses before this date in order to make this transition smooth.

If you're running version 12 or older you will be required to upgrade to TimeZero as support for your software version will not be available after June 30th 2022.

For assistance in upgrading please contact our sales department:


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