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Commercial Fishing Marine Electronics

Taylor Marine South Africa is the exclusive distributor in South Africa for Furuno commercial fishing products. Through a network of Authorised Service Sales and Service Agents Taylor Marine is a leading supplier and service provider to South Africa's commercial fishing fleets.


Our range of Furuno fish finding and navigation equipment covers inshore line fishing vessels to offshore trawlers and pelagic purse seiners. Whether you're looking for a single beam fish finder or multi-beam sounders, sonars, radar or PC Navigation and everything in-between we're able to provide leading technology to suit your requirement. 

Technology that will improve your catch!

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Legendary Performance - Traditional Quality

If there is one thing that sets Furuno apart from the rest, it's their legendary commercial fishing products. From high-end sonars and echo sounders to radars and plotters, Furuno is the choice of The Professional Fisherman.

A winning combination of award winning technology backed up by experience, what more could you ask for. Furuno on board, you deserve it. 

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Catch More Fish - Use Less Fuel

We all know that when it comes to fishing, it's all about habitat. Even if you’re fishing for mid-level schooling fish, the seafloor is the beginning of the food chain. With WASSP Multibeam, you’ll find fish and relevant habitat over a much wider area than traditional single-beam systems. Detect where hard ground starts and finishes, so you can optimise your fishing operations. You’ll quickly find the WASSP F-Series is purpose-designed for all fishing operations.

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The Unfair Advantage

MaxSea TimeZero Professional is not just a plotter, it's one of the most powerful fishing tools at your fingertips. From professional route planning, log book and data management to oceanographic overlays, TZProfessional helps you narrow down your search, saving fuel, time and money. 

Generate your own 3D Bathymetric fishing charts, weather forecasts with Sea Surface Temps, Plankton, Wind and Current overlaid in your fishing charts. 

Navitron Logo.jpg

Where Performance Meets Reliability

There is nothing like a reliable autopilot that accurately steers you to your fishing grounds, and home again. Designed for performance and built for the demands of the Commercial Fishing and Work Boat industry, Navitron has a reputation for being reliable, tough and getting the job done.

Taylor Marine South Africa is an authorised sales and service agent for Navitron with spares and trained technicians to keep your vessel steering on a straight line.

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