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On-Board Public Transport Monitoring Systems


Taylor Marine's Major Projects Division specialises in the supply, installation, integration and service of on-board public transport systems for passenger ferries. 

For our on-board monitoring technology, Taylor Marine has partnered with SkanTech, a leading European manufacturer specialising in on-board monitoring solutions for public transport and heavy vehicles. Our monitoring Systems include Vessel Communications Platform (VCP) surveillance systems, passenger counting, passenger information systems, passenger internet, etc.


All solutions can be operated as a stand-alone system or as part of a total solution. The VCP is an open platform where all on-board systems can be connected and the solution easily be customised and extended to fit with any system or specific customer requirements.

Taylor Marine Integrated Public Address System (IPAS)

The IPAS is a marine Public Address system, purpose built to meet the requirements for PA/GA and Entertainment distribution on-board all marine vessels. The system conforms with SOLAS, IMO and HSC regulations. Universally designed, the IPAS utilizes globally supported equipment to allow for flexible configuration and/or client requirements. This advantage aids in the ability to suit a wide range of installations from small single loop systems to large dual loop systems for complete redundancy. 

IPAS Product Image-01.png

SKANTECH - On-Board Monitoring and Entertainment Systems

Skantech, specialized on-board monitoring sys­tems for public transport. Monitor­ing systems include Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP), surveillance systems, passenger counting, pas­senger information systems, passenger internet, ECO drive, etc.

All solutions can be operated as a standalone system or as part of a total solution. The VCP is an open platform where all on-board systems can be connected and the solution can easily be customized and extended to fit with any system or customer requirement. 



Our Surveillance system is a scalable surveillance solution which can be tailored to to fit the vessel size and design.It can be provided either as a stand-alone system or as an integrated part of SkanTech's Vessel Communication Platform (VCP) with benefits like remote diagnostics, video viewing and wireless downloads of video data while the vessel is in depot. 


SkanTech provides two systems utilizing digital or analogue camera technology depending on the requirements for image resolution quality and SkanTech provides two systems utilizing digital or analogue camera technology depending on the requirements for image resolution quality and latency.

With more than 10 years of experience in providing reliable high performance surveillance systems to the leading operators and bus builders in Europe, SkanTech integrate our vast in depth knowledge of the customer needs into the product design and features.

Vessel Communication Platform (VCP)

SkanTech’s VCP is an innovative computer platform for public transport.

The VCP concept establishes a stable real-time data communication between each vessel and the operating central. Collecting data from the vessels, and all connected on-board systems, ensure the fleet owner constantly achieve a better understanding of all relevant operating parameters.

All on-board systems can be connected to the “open platform” and the VCP concept can easily be customised to fit any system or operation requirements. A fleet contains a variety of vehicles and on-board systems but the VCP concept always presents all data and statistics in one fleet overview.

The advanced VCP fleet software contains a large range of optimisation tools. It makes it possible to optimise the operation, reduce cost and increase quality and performance

Passenger Internet

The VCP Router is used as the backbone of an integrated solution to take data from other systems on the vessel and securely transmit data to the back-office, separated from the passengers’ internet traffic. 

The VCP Router for passenger internet/WiFi is part of the Vessel Communication Platform (VCP). The VCP Router can be installed as a standalone solution or alternatively, be integrated with other on-board systems on the vessel.

The VCP Router is designed for a rubust environment and ensures reliable operation.

The product is in a lightweight, profile providing a flexible and easy installation process. The VCP Router can be connected to the Vessel Communication Platform (VCP), which provides the daily operation with statistic feedback as well as a service interface to remotely diagnose and service the vessel while in operation.

Infotainment System

SkanTech Infotainment System comprises intelligent displays, communication platform and operator interface.

It provides through its innovative design a new and improved provision of traffic information, commercials, tourist information, etc. to the passengers in a more efficient way increasing the travel experience of the passengers and allowing them to receive messages where and when most convenient to the passengers. Traffic information is received from directly from the PTA.

The editing of the commercial playlists is based on a simple drag and drop technique and it makes it fast and easy to edit any commercial loop at any time and upload it to the vehicles.

The commercials can be played in a preplanned sequence or be position or time depending and it is possible to mix the attributes in the same playlist.

Automatic Passenger Counting

The SkanTech Automatic Passenger Counting system (APC) is a high accuracy passenger counting system utilizing the latest camera technology to detect and count entering and exiting passenger under all conditions. The accuracy exceeds 98%, which gives a reliable and realistic measure of passenger flow in and out of the vehicle.

In connection with the SkanTech Vehicle Communication Platform and SkanTech Client software applications, the APC offers flexibility in configuration and provision of data both to the PTA and the operator. The APC is supported by SkanTech’s remote service and diagnostics. 

Service on the Fly

The SkanTech-developed Remote Service System focus on reducing time out of operation.

Early indicators and urgent issues are reported directly to the operating central in real-time. Troubleshooting, updates and configuration work is done remotely and while the vehicle is in operation. This approach reduces the need and frequency for taking vehicles out of operation. 

​Service and diagnostic work is normally an expensive and time-consuming process, which requires special knowhow at each depot. “Service on the fly” reduces the need of special knowhow in the organisation and ensures a quick, easy and optimal process.

The ”fleet health” is constantly monitored and improved during operation. Less time out of operation is an economical benefit and reducing service has a positive effect on the environment.

Installation and Green OK

SkanTech and Taylor Marine supports the installation process. Our engineers produce complete documentation and installation guides and a highly skilled team provides the training for all parties involved.

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