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Surveillance & Monitoring

TZ Coastal Monitoring is a coastal surveillance solution that incorporates FURUNO RADAR with TZ Coastal Monitoring software and systems.

With the technical partnership and expertise between FURUNO and TIMEZERO, the Solution provides the best of coastal monitoring for any oil rig, sea farm, port, waterside facility and protected area.​

TZ Coastal Monitoring

TZ Coastal Monitoring is the first true turnkey solution for Maritime Surveillance. When selecting a technical solution, customers always have to face the same question: BUILD or BUY?

Do you have to manage an infrastructure/business with limited human and financial resources?

Are you looking for a solution with the following specifications?

Easy to Use

Quick to implement

Low maintenance cost

All this at the best value for money?

TZ Coastal Monitoring Applications

Oil and Gas Rigs

TZ Coastal Monitoring possesses all the features required to make the system perfectly-adapted for use on oil and gas platforms.


  • Out of Control Vessels

  • Piracy

  • Terrorism

  • Weather

Ports and Harbours

The features of TZ Coastal Monitoring are perfectly adapted to the needs of small to medium sized ports and harbours.

  • Risk of collision between ships

  • Inefficient berthing services

  • Inefficient maritime transport for passenger and goods 

  • Congestion problems

  • Extreme weather conditions

  • Safety

TZ Ports and Harbous.jpg
TZ Fish Farm.jpg

Fish Farms

Fish farming is an industry that is rapidly expanding and TZ Coastal Monitoring is the perfect solution for on-site security and safety.

  • Employee Safety

  • Theft / Poaching

  • Monitor nearby Traffic

TZ Marine Eco.jpg

Marine Protected Areas

Natural parks and other protected areas often need a reliable monitoring and surveillance system, which is exactly what TZ Coastal Monitoring offers.

  • Illegal fishing

  • Illegal anchoring

  • The enforcement of protected area boundaries

  • Traffic Monitoring

TZ Waterside Facilities.jpg

Waterside Facilities

The TZ Coastal Monitoring solution provide a turnkey and affordable solution to monitor any waterside traffic or threat.

  • Traffic Control

  • Security and Threats

  • Safety and Rescue

  • Weather

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