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Furuno LH-5000 Loud Hailer & Intercom

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Your safety requires perfect communications and coordination. With a modern design and great user friendly features, the Furuno LH-5000 is a powerful Loud Hailer designed to draw attention to your vessel by amplifying your voice, or any of eight internationally acknowledged warning signals, through the horns. The LH-5000 allows you to instantly notify nearby vessels of your presence and status regardless of limited visibility conditions, such as thick fog or dark of night, that might otherwise mask your presence. Using up to six powerful horn speakers with an impressive output power of 30 watts each, the LH-5000 is sure to capture the attention of anyone in your proximity.

Furuno LH-5000 Loud Hailer


  • Two powerful 30 Watt hailer outputs (1 forward and 1 aft)

  • Listen Back feature for two-way communication

  • Eight automatic fog/warning signals

  • Up to 6 intercoms for onboard communications and public address

  • Built-in high quality speaker

  • Bright LCD for easy operation

  • Flush mount capability

  • Fully waterproof main unit, microphone and *intercom speakers

* optionally available

Built-in Intercom: Up to 6 Intercoms for onboard communications and public address

The LH-5000 can also be connected to onboard intercom speakers. Because the Intercom feature is a completely separate function of the LH5000, you won't have worry about the impressive warning signals being transmitted through the dedicated two-way intercom speakers! The LH5000 can also gather distant sounds and amplify them through its built-in speaker. This feature, called Listen Back, is incredibly useful for the pilot to hear voices from the docks, deck, or even other nearby vessels. Other features include Siren Mode, which can be connected to the vessel's fire detection systems, and an Alarm Mode, which is very useful when it comes to theft detection. You can even connect a CD player or Radio to play high-volume audio through the horns and intercom speakers.

PA system with 2 hailers and 6 intercoms. provising a total of 8 channels. You can now coordinate any action with single unit

With Siren Mode, you only have to turn a switch to automatically emit a warning signal. You can hail and communicate with intercoms as well

With 8 warning signals, including fog horn, vessels around will be notified of your presence

With the Listen Back feature, the horn speaker works as a microphone and allows two-way communication

Each intercom's channel can be renamed. This allows you to customize the channel's name to specific cabins and areas on the vessel.

An alarm sensor turns the LH-5000 into a General Alarm System. It can also be used as a burglar alarm if connected to existing alarm system

By connecting external devices such as a radio or smartphone, you can switch on AUX function and share music through the intercoms and horn speakers

Optional Supply:

  1. Intercom Speaker ISP-5000

  2. Extension Cable for Microphone (5m)

Local Supply:

  1. Horn Speaker

  2. External Speaker (if required)

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